At the age of 6, and after attending his sister´s piano concert, Alexander decided that he wanted to play
the violin. Ever since, it as been a passion that he
has developed for over 20 years.

Under the supervision of Olga Vilkormiskaya he developed his technique in classical music to a
high level and took many courses with other
teachers like Ara Malakian or Santiago de la Riva,
that lead to him playing as a soloist and in
different orchestras around Spain.

Over the last couple years he has started composing
music for different acts and shows using his loop-
station and electric violin and has also always been
part of the live bands that have been in the shows he
has been involved in. Here are some examples of his
first compositions for the show “I can do this”:

Pop goes the Weibel

Comical musical act, filmed in “Wintertraume Variete”, in Pforzheim, Germany this Christmas.

Way after midnight


The unhugged person