Tired of normal life, Alex decided to quit his studies in engineering and at the age of 21 start the circus school in Madrid.

He then continued his formation in the National
circus school of Moscow and in 2010 graduated
from DOCH (The university college of dance and
circus in Stockholm).

His battle against injuries but love for this art have
lead him to find new ways of thinking and creating and to develop his own style.

Over the years he has focused on the disciplines of hand to hand, unicycle, juggling and slack rope, parallel to a continuous musical formation that
started over 20 years ago.

He has worked in theaters and circuses in Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Greece and Russia and with companies like
“Les 7 doigts de la main”, “Salon Giraff” or “Cirkus Cirkör”. He has also participated in big festivals like the
“32º Festival du cirque de demain” in Paris or the “IV Festival international de Albacete” in Spain, “Newcomers show” in Krystalpallast, Leipzig or “Sol y Circo”, Sylt in Germany.

His love for technique but fear of doing what has already been done a thousand times in the past
have guided him though a process of investigation resulting in act he now presents to the world.

This act has been awarded with the “Sophie Hutlén grant” in Stockholm (2010),
the “Special jury´s prize” in the Festival du cirque de demain in Paris (2011), “Prize to innovation” in the IV circus Festival of Albacete (2011), “Audience´s Prize” in Newcomers show i Krystalpallast (2011) and “The special jury´s prize” in Sol y Circo Festival (2011).